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Each personal-process guided meditation MP3 download is one hour long.
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Embracing Intimacy Embracing Intimacy

Designed to help you probe your deeply held beliefs and expectations of intimate relationships, this tape will help you open more fully to loving partnership. $19.97



"It is a pleasure to discover such a wonderful tool"

"Embracing Intimacy is a wonderfully orchestrated guide. In an age where "hocus pocus" is rampant, it is a pleasure to discover such a wonderful tool. I use the tape in my practice alongside traditional psychotherapy."

Barbara Schick, Ph.D.


Mothering the Girl Within Mothering the Girl Within

Helps you examine how and what you learned about being a woman. Both mother's and father's influences are experientially understood as they affect your self-image and self-esteem as well as how you relate with men. Reclaim the right to live in the full, passionate spectrum of your rich femininity. $19.97



Reclaim your natural gifts

"We highly recommend. Mothering The Girl Within peels away the layers of adult experience to take women on a soul journey back into girlhood. So often in childhood our mothers forbid us to be more passionate, more assertive, and even more sensual than they were. Reclaim your natural gifts - joy, power and creativity."

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Fathering the Boy WithinFathering the Boy Within

Jim helps men understand and challenge the limitations caused by outmoded ideas of masculinity. In childhood, separation from mother and identification with father are rarely accomplished with love and clarity. Taking responsibility for making these critical changes of adult masculinity helps the user empower his self esteem and his healthy masculinity. $19.97



"A tape in praise of men and all that is male"

"Fathering The Boy Within is a groundbreaking audiotape that was recommended to us by men's support groups across the country. A tape in praise of men and all that is male, images and feelings of boyhood experience inform the discovery of dislocations and corruptions of the healthy development of masculinity."

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Womanhood : Power and Identity Womanhood: Power and Identity

Designed to expose women to harmful mythological beliefs they hold about themselves, women in general and men, as well. Experiential processes promote self respect, self acceptance and comfort with personal power, ambition, desire and success. $19.97



I recommend it to every woman

"This tape was a real inspiration. Judith's love and belief in women's personal power comes through loud and clear. I recommend it to every woman who desires greater acceptance, authority and love in her life."

Beth Davis, personal coach and hand analyst

You Are the Healer:  A Journey to Your Heart You Are the Healer:
A Journey to Your Heart

Designed to help the user learn about emotional issues relating to their physical disease. Using the presence of physical dis-ease as a teacher the listener is guided toward change in their lifestyle and their relation to their physical body as a means for healing their life. $19.97



"An effective aid to my healing."

"I've used this tape on a number of occasions, my best experiences coming after an auto accident. I really found it an effective aid to my healing."

Jack Kerr


Practical Spirituality:

The Healing Power of Relationships

One-hour Lecture

Recorded at the Whole Life Expo, our presentation explores the enormous personal benefits of embracing the challenges that naturally come with any intimate relationship. $19.97



You literally turned me around

“You literally turned me around with this one. Saved me from breaking off what I now see is a very good relationship.”

Kathy Kinsey, Cairo, NY

Each personal-process guided meditation MP3 download is one hour long.
Save $23 — Order all 6 for Only $97